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for those in the area, tony from tlmb's band, the legacy of luna is playing a free show at plush design lab in fullerton tonight.

February, 5 2005 at Plush Design Lab
207 N Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92832
Cost: Free
Time: 7pm

updated info on the 2/19 show

Sat 2/19/2005 - The Selah Cafe(Formerly The Garden Cafe)
W/ Army of Freshmen, Suburban Legends, Plain White T's
On Sale Date: Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Selah Cafe(Formerly The Garden Cafe) [click here for tickets]
40 Day Road
Ventura CA 93003-2038
ALL AGES SHOW!!!! 40 Day Road, Ventura CA $10 7pm Pre-Sale Tickets available at the above link. (Via Paypal) Just bring reciept to Will Call THIS SHOW WILL SELL OUT!

--the littlest man band

better books end now on itunes!

"Better Book Ends" Now Available on iTunes!

We have now been added to the ITunes roster! So for all of you holding out for whatever reason....Or the Mac crew that can't use our PayNowPlayNow System, head on over and check it out! Tell your iPod wielding cronies as well!!

click here


don't forget! the littlest man band will be hitting up arizona and rock n rolling in santa buenaventura.

jan 29:
Big Fish
1954 East University Drive
TEMPE AZ 85282
(602) 966-5010

feb 19:
American Legion Hall in Ventura
2815 E. Main Street
(805) 653-1339

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Hey, I'm new. I'm Andy. I'm 14. I live in the UK. I like short sentances. Some of you know me, since I occasionally post on the forums as The Smallest Human Band. So... what up?


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Hey, I'm new. I love TLMB.

I live in Staffordshire, England, and I saw the guys at their recent tour with Suburban Legends, back in September. They were awesome, plus the venue was really small and intimate, which suited them perfectly. With it being small and all, I met the band. Which was cool. They were all super friendly, signed my tie, and got a couple of pictures taken. Even got a drumstick from Greg, which was damn great. So yeah. I picked up their CD from the merch stand after. It's amazing, but then you don't need telling that, do you? So now I'm going to sit and wait til they come back.

Hopefully soon.
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